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life members 2.pngNew Life Members

At last Sunday’s Annual General Meeting, Brenda Hurst (left) and Janet Oman (right) were made Life Members of  the Club.  Both joined Barwon Valley over 30 years ago  (in the early/mid 80’s) and have been active Ladies committee members  for approximately 16 years of this time, Brenda spending  10 years as Secretary, four  as President and four on the General Committee and several  on the Social Committee, and Janet 2 years as Secretary, 12 years as Treasurer, including two as Club Treasurer, a couple as handicapper, and several on the General Committee.

Between them,  they have also been very active in other areas, helping out with things such as fundraising, catering, helping organize functions etc.

Their achievements on the course have been  impressive too:

-        Brenda has won 3 Silver Spoon and 4 Doris Chambers events and played Leigh Pennant for a number of years winning 3 flags and the Leigh Pennant Brooch

-        Janet has been Club Champion, A Grade Gross champion 4 times,  Net A Grade Champion twice, a pennant player, and successful participant at Regional events representing the Club.

Both Brenda and Janet, are valued and respected members and their efforts are appreciated by all. 

They both are fitting Life members and  are to be  thoroughly congratulated .

Full details of their achievements etc around the club will shortly .be included in the Life Members Section of the Web site

Competition Dates - Remainder of 2016


  • Last Comp Tue 20 Dec
  • Resume Comp Tue 3 Jan 2017
  • Round 1 Bath Shield Sat 7 Jan
  • Last Comp Wed 21 Dec
  • Resume Comp Wed 4 Jan 2017
  • Sat 7 Jan - Stroke
Friday Chicken Run
  • Last Comp Friday 16 Dec
  • Resume Friday 6 Jan 2017
Wishing everyone a very Merry X'mas and  a Happy New Year

Ian Knell - Club Captain

golf tee.jpgCompulsory Tee -Up  

As of Friday 9 December , compulsory tee-up will apply "through the green" on the 11th hole only.

Compulsory GUR will continue to apply to all roped off areas

Ian Knell - Club Captain 

Footjoy Shoe Sale

Time for a new pair of shoes?? If so, drop into the Pro shop and check out the following specials. There are various sized of each, but stocks are limited and it won't be possible to get anymore at the same price.

Icon Style (Full Leather - RRP $439.95   Sale Price $179

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Mens Trophy Presentation Day  20/11

Approximately 45 members attended the presentations.

The following are some of the worthy recipients:

Bryson Nicholls_3.JPGYoung Bryson Nicholls who had another great year picking up 4 trophies for Overall C Grade, Captains Shield for best "Net" Junior, Perrett Shield (with Simon Babb) & Bath Shield 

Adam Lamb_2.JPG   David Wallace_2.JPG

Adam LambClub Champion               Gerard Irvin - B Grade Champion

Gavin Young-2.JPG     Gerard Irvin_2.JPG  

Gavin Young- Quarterly Medal No.2     David Wallace - Gordon Russell Memorial

                                                                        (with Saul Culican)

Congratulations to all Trophy Winners in 2016

Thumbs Up to Green Thumbs

Garden 2.JPG
Garden 4.JPG

Garden 3.JPGDoesn't the garden in front of the Club House look "a picture" at present, with all it's color, bird baths etc.!!!  A big thumbs up to Dawn Forbes, Marlene Molnar and others who have helped them both with planting and maintenance, including Nola Stacey who has been feeding the roses and one of the guys who sprayed them with white oil the other day.. You may have noticed this morning that Dawn and Marlene have also begun some work around the garden beds on the 10th tee, which has already given them a lift. We'll be rivalling Augusta before we know it.

local rules board_2.JPGLocal Rules Board

Don't forget to check the Local Rules Board on the arch to the entrance to the 1st tee each competition day, to ensure you keep abreast of any changes

Ian Knell - Club Captain

computer image.jpgClub Web Site is a great way to find out the latest news on things going on around the club as well as checking out match results which are usually available on the site the same day or early next.

Can you please let your golfing buddies know about it and how to log on. The more we get using the site the better. If you have any "newsy" items you'd like to submit we'd love to hear from you. Simply email details through to '" or pass them on to me 

Blank Photo.pngAs it's hard to catch up with everyone, if you haven't had your photo taken, it would be great if you can email one, so that it can be included with results,  


Andrew Beechey

 Repairing Pitch Marks 

Pitch mark.jpgHow lucky are we to have such excellent greens. We owe it to Colin and his staff as well as fellow members to do our best to look after them. Repairing pitch marks is one way we can assist in this regard. The marks can cause the grass in the depression to die, leaving not just a scar but also a pit in the putting surface. Done properly and promptly the mark will normally heal within 24 hours- otherwise it could cause more damage and take 3 or more weeks for the grass to recover. So let's always fix our pitch marks and, if time allows, any others we notice on the green, Don't forget too to  fill any divots on and off the fairway.

Plug Mark_2.jpg

Never insert the prongs into the depression itself, but at the rim of the depression. Pushing the bottom of the depression upwards only tears the roots and kills the grass.

It would be appreciated if everyone could be mindful of the need to keep up a good pace around the course to mimimise hold ups for groups behind. 

This is especially important given our ever increasing number of players

Ian Knell
Club Captain

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