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Range & Course status as at 9.15AM,  29/9/16
  • Driving range is open -2 token limit, but will be closed Saturday and Sunday. It should re-open Monday if not too wet. 
  • Course remains closed. It is hoped to re-open the back 9 holes on Monday, subject to the amount of rain between now and then. 
  • All *competition cancelled until further notice. 
* The sheet for the Jim Lane Trophy event (Mixed Pinehurst EWP), scheduled to he held on 16/10, is in the clubhouse foyer. The foyer will be accessible each day the driving range is open, up until competition resumes. 

Robert McFarlane - General Manager &  Ian Knell - Club Captain

While our course is closed:

East Geelong Golf Club has extended an invitation to our members to join their competitions.  $15.00 covers green and comp fees. Please contact them if you're interested.

Point Lonsdale has invited us to play in their competitions for just a $10 comp fee. Mens comps are Wed & Sat and ladies Tue, Thu & Sat. For bookings pls phone 52581523 and select Pro Shop

Lara Golf Club has invited us to play in their competitions - $5 entry fee. Mens comp Wed and Sat and Women's Tue morning. Ph. 52822955 for bookings

The Sands Torquay Golf Club has also offered for our members to play there at Members Guest rates


A contractor began clearing all the sediment from the 4th fairway today (Mon)

Bobcat 1.JPG Bobcat 2.JPG

Bobcat 5.JPG
 Bobcat 3.JPG


In accordance with Rule 50 of our new Constitution I am calling for nominations for all Committee positions that become available at the next AGM to be held on the 4th December, 2016. 

The positions available are as follows – 

  • President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, Vice Captain, Handicapper and
  • 4 General Committee positions

On Monday 26th September 2016, nomination forms will be made available in the Club House *foyer, and those interested in nominating for any of the above positions can apply, and then place their completed form in the ballot box provided in the foyer.

Nominations will close on the 11th October 2016  at  5 pm.

Please ensure that your nomination form is clear in its intention and duly signed and dated.


Kind Regards,

John Davie

Club Secretary  -  BVGC.

14th September 2016.

* Due to the flood problems & the course not being playable at this point  I have arranged with Robert that he will open the foyer each morning & close each afternoon when he finishes for the day.

Looks can be deceiving!!

Those of you have dropped down to have a look at the course in the past few days will have been pleased to see how things are beginning to look. However it's not until you go down and check out around the 3rd and 4th holes in particular, that you can see how much still needs to be done to get the course fit for play. 

The fairways on these holes are still very wet and covered in a layer of sticky sediment which can't be removed until it dries out enough to enable some earth moving equipment to be brought in.

Flooding 23 Dep.JPG

Flooding 23 Sep (2).JPG

Flooding 23 Sep.JPG

Clean- up Operations 

Flooding clearing greens.jpg

The clean-up begins. One of the teams clearing sediment from the greens on Mon 19/9. 

Further work  was undertaken on Tuesday to hose down the greens and remove any remaining silt.

Any assistance with further clean-up operations would be welcomed. If you can make it down, even if for just an hour or two, it would be great.

Special thanks from Robert McFarlane, Colin Foster and the Committee, to everyone who has been working hard the past few days to help bring the course back to normal.

Fish & Chips.jpg

Good feed of chips put on for volunteers by Robert McFarlane on Tuesday - Only Joking A nice BBQ lunch was enjoyed by all!!

But if you want a carp you'd better get down to the course before the pools of water dry up. There are some decent sized ones still kicking in the shallows.

Ladies 1.jpgThe "Barwon Ladies" haven't let the course closure stop them having a good time. They took the opportunity today ( 21/9) to socialize and enjoy lunch a little further down the "Barwon" at Barwon Edge.

ladies 4.jpg ladies 5.jpg

To be seen to be believed!!

The following incredible photos were taken by Michael Sim, the son of Esma Sim, one of our members. They give a fantastic view of the course during last week's flood. You can also see a video he did and posted to Youtube if you click on this link  Amazing stuff!!

Drone 2.jpg

Drone 4.jpg

Good news - Water is receding 17/9 

flooding entry 16 sep.jpg flooding entry sep 17  9am.jpg
Front drive 2pm Fri 16/9                   Drive 9am  Sat 17/9

Floods 1st fairway.JPG Flooding 15 Sep 1st tee.jpg
1st Fairway Wed 14/9   1st Fairway Thu 15/9

 Floods Front 10th green.JPG Flooding 10th tee 15 sep.jpg
  10th Fairway Wed 14/9                10th fairway Thu 15/9

Flooding 15 Sep - path to 18th green.jpg Flooding 15 Sep -18th fairway.jpg 
 Path from 18th green Thu 15/9 18th fairway Thu 15/9

Flloding 15 Sep Clubhouse.jpg

Club house Thu 15/9
Flooding 15 Sep office.jpg Flooding 15 Sep -14th.jpg
  Office Thu         14th fairway Thu

Flooding 13th tee 15 Sep.jpg Flooding 15 Sep chipping.jpg
13th tee Thu                               Should that read "Shipping"?

Winners are grinnerssmile.jpg

Two teams of Barwon Valley players went down to Beeac today (Sun 11/9) to support the local Golf Club and have a crack at winning the 4 man Ambrose "Beeac Shield", presented to the team with the best nett score.

Both teams did themselves and Barwon Valley proud:

beeac shield_2.jpg

Jeff CrabbeTim Hedley, and Geoff and Matthew Kennedy (L-R above),  got to hold the Shield aloft and bring it home to Geelong with them. They finished with a fantastic nett 54

John Crabbe.JPG  Shane Clark.JPG Kevin Oldham.JPG Denis Schwennesen.JPG

John CrabbeShane Clark, Kevin Oldham and Denis Schwennesen (Clockwise L-R above) also teamed well to win the Scratch event with 67 off the stick. Denis also picked himself up NTP on the 5th hole.

Well done guys!!

Course Development Notice

In line with the upcoming conditions and current abundance of water, our Committee and Management would like to advise you of our 11th fairway plans.

IRRIGATION:  We are replacing all of the old sprinklers & the lateral pipes and bringing the irrigation and sprinkler system in line with those already installed in the 12th, 14th, 15th & 16th holes. All heads will be connected to the automatic watering system. We are set to commence the irrigation work in early September – weather permitting of course.

PLANTING & POISONING:   The same technique will be used for planting as per the work done on the 12th fairway. The old fairway grass will be initially poisoned with the first application of this due in mid-September.  Please watch out for notices of this occurring over this month. The line planter is booked for Thursday 30th September but once again these actions are weather dependant.

INTERIM PLAY:  We are currently preparing a temporary tee on the green side of ‘The Burn’ for use after the fairway has been planted. Similar to last year the plan is for players to walk to this teeing area from the 10th green & then play from the temporary tee to the 11th green. Ropes & signs will be installed to assist players.

Play will not be allowed from the planted fairway until we are satisfied that the new Couch is strong enough to withstand play. Conditions being favourable a similar time frame to last year’s work on the 12th is expected.  I.e.  Back in play during December.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this work and please enjoy your golf and time spent around the club.


Gerard Squire

BVGC President.

local rules board_2.JPGLocal Rules Board

Don't forget to check the Local Rules Board on the arch to the entrance to the 1st tee each competition day, to ensure you keep abreast of any changes

Ian Knell - Club Captain

computer image.jpgClub Web Site is a great way to find out the latest news on things going on around the club as well as checking out match results which are usually available on the site the same day or early next.

Can you please let your golfing buddies know about it and how to log on. The more we get using the site the better. If you have any "newsy" items you'd like to submit we'd love to hear from you. Simply email details through to '"  

As it's hard to catch up with everyone, if you haven't had your photo taken, it would be great if you can email one, so that it can be included with results,  

 Repairing Pitch Marks 

Pitch mark.jpgHow lucky are we to have such excellent greens. We owe it to Colin and his staff as well as fellow members to do our best to look after them. Repairing pitch marks is one way we can assist in this regard. The marks can cause the grass in the depression to die, leaving not just a scar but also a pit in the putting surface. Done properly and promptly the mark will normally heal within 24 hours- otherwise it could cause more damage and take 3 or more weeks for the grass to recover. So let's always fix our pitch marks and, if time allows, any others we notice on the green, Don't forget too to  fill any divots on and off the fairway.

Plug Mark_2.jpg

Never insert the prongs into the depression itself, but at the rim of the depression. Pushing the bottom of the depression upwards only tears the roots and kills the grass.

It would be appreciated if everyone could be mindful of the need to keep up a good pace around the course to mimimise hold ups for groups behind. 

This is especially important given our ever increasing number of players

Ian Knell
Club Captain

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